Lion White Toothpaste

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Toothpaste aiming for white teeth and healthy teeth with fluorine

Contains white cleansing ingredients that cleanse teeth and make them white and beautiful.

Contains fluorine (sodium monofluorophosphate) to strengthen the tooth structure and prevent tooth loss.

A refreshing mint flavor

Product description
Brand : Lion Co. , Ltd.
Net WT : 150 G
Product of : Japan
Wetting agent : Sorbitol liquid
Cleaning agent : Heavy carbonated Ca
Wetting agent : Sorbitol liquid
Wetting agent : PG
Viscosity modifier : Silicic acid anhydride
Viscosity modifier : Sodium polyacrylate
Foaming agent : Sodium lauryl sulfate
Flavoring agent : Fragrance (mint type)
Flavoring agent : Saccharin Na
Caking agent : CMC ใƒป Na
Medicinal ingredients : Sodium monofluorophosphate
Preservative : Paraben
Refreshing : Agent menthol

Mode Storage:
Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store in a cool place below 28 ยฐ C.

Please refer to the package instructions for product details.
The pictures are for reference only, and everything in kind shall prevail.

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How to use :
Take an appropriate amount on a toothbrush and clean your teeth and mouth.

Precautions for use :
If you experience any abnormalities such as a rash, discontinue use, bring the product, and consult a doctor.

* The raw material names and nutritional information of this product posted on the website are based on food labeling standards, so they may differ from the contents described on the product package. Please check the label on your product package before purchasing or consuming.

Additional information

Weight 210 g
Dimensions 23 × 6 × 5 cm

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