Calbee Frugra Fruit Granola Cereal

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Plenty of dietary fiber and iron. A well-balanced breakfast with 8 vitamins. Economical type with a convenient zipper. Frugra is a manufacturing method in which syrup is mixed with oats and brown rice, baked into thin plates, and then crushed. The feature of this product is that it has a lump of dough, so please enjoy it with confidence.

Brand: Calbee Co., Ltd.

Ingredients: oats, rye, sugar, dried fruits (pumpkin), (raisins), (apples), (strawberry), coconut, vegetable oil, rice milling, dextrin, water-soluble dietary fiber (indigestible dextrin), flour, corn, Pumpkin seeds, almonds, salt, wheat bran, brown rice, glycerin, processed starch, sodium iron citrate, emulsifiers (including milk), acidulants, antioxidants (vitamin E), (rosemary extract), niacin, Ca pantothenate, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin A, folic acid, vitamin D, vitamin B1.

Mode Storage:
Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store in a cool place below 28 ยฐ C.

Please refer to the package instructions for product details.
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1 serving (per bag 27.5g)
Energy: 3,552 Kcal,
Protein: 57.6 g,
Fat: 123.2 g,
Carbohydrate: 587.2 g,
(Sugar): 515.2 g,
(Diet fiber): 72.0 g,
Sodium: 1,456 mg,
Potassium: 2,032 mg,
Calcium: 240mg,
Phosphorus: 1,424mg,
Iron: 80.0mg,
Vitamin A: 2,400ฮผg,
Vitamin D: 26.7ฮผg,
Vitamin B1: 5.44mg,
Niacin: 59.2mg,
Vitamin B6: 5.44mg,
Vitamin B12: 10.72ฮผg,
Folic acid: 1,072 ฮผg,
Pantothenic acid: 30.4 mg

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