Akai Bohshi Kukkia Milk

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It is a sweet with a new texture that sandwiches chocolate with cookies and gofuru. The gofuru uses the finest gofuru with a crispy texture, and the cookie uses a lightly baked cookie with a smooth texture. Please enjoy the exquisite taste of three layers of gofuru, cookie and chocolate. Individual package.

Product Warnings:
This product contains Foods made mainly from wheat, eggs, dairy ingredients, and soybeans products.

Brand: akaibohshi
Net WT : 94 g
Ingredients: Foods made mainly from Chocolate, eggs, sugar, goflets (wheat flour, waxy corn starch, sugar, edible fats and oils, powdered egg whites, salt), wheat flour, butter, almond powder, cream (dairy products), shortening, edible fats and oils, salt, emulsifiers, swelling agents, coloring Ingredients (caramel), fragrances, (including wheat, eggs, dairy ingredients, and soybeans as part of the raw materials).

Note: 120 days from the date of manufacture.

* The expiration date of the delivered product is between 100 and 60 days.
(The expiration date is printed on each product)

Mode Storage:
Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store in a cool place below 28 ยฐ C.

Please refer to the package instructions for product details.
The pictures are for reference only, and everything in kind shall prevail.


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Milk chocolate,


Per Serving
Calories: 42kcal
Protein: 0.6g
Total Fat: 2.3g
Cholesterol: 4.7g
Sodium: 20mg

* The raw material names and nutritional information of this product posted on the website are based on food labeling standards, so they may differ from the contents described on the product package. Please check the label on your product package before purchasing or consuming.

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Weight 150 g
Dimensions 19 × 14 × 7 cm
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