Navy Blue Pilot Erasable Ballpoint Pen

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A friction ballpoint pen that can erase written characters. After the handwriting has dried, rub it with the rubber on the back of the main unit and the color will disappear! Since the color is made colorless by frictional heat, there is no erasing residue and you can rewrite it in the same place as many times as you like. Also, because it is a knock type, it can be used speedily in situations such as writing notebooks and materials. * Cannot be used for certificates and address writing.

Color: Navy BlueColor: Navy Blue
Ink type: Erasable Ballpoint Pen
Ink color: Navy Blue
Material: Polycarbonate elastomer
Eraser: Maximum shaft diameter16.4mm
Ball diameter: 0.5mm
length: 146mm
Front axle polycarbonate + rubber grip, rear axle ABS, eraser elastomer resin, cover polycarbonate.

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ย Ink and handwriting become colorless at 60 degrees or higher.

* We try to reproduce the color and texture of the product as faithfully as possible, but it may differ slightly from the actual product.

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Dimensions 1.5 × 2 × 15 cm

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