Maruto Matcha Azuki Cake

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Since its establishment in 1946, we have been developing, manufacturing and selling sweets for about 70 years. After the war, when “sweet things” were precious, we started by distributing “potato candy” made from sweet potato starch to the neighborhood, and since then we have grown to meet the needs of the times, such as caramel, hail, and rice cakes.
Castella, our main product, has been on sale for 50 years and is still loved by everyone. In addition, it is enjoyed by everyone in a wide range of places, such as supermarket-only products that are available nationwide and snacks used in medical institutions and elderly homes. Currently, we are taking on the challenge of developing new products one after another, such as products with reduced calories and souvenir sweets using local raw materials.
In recent years, the number of orders from overseas has increased …

There are many pastries known as โ€œfamous productsโ€ throughout Japan. Nagasaki cakes are pastries with local colors after continuous improvement. They are actually what we call honey cakes. The upper and lower layers of caramel-colored crusts have fine and even bubbles in the middle.. It means that the cake is full of elasticity, dense and delicate. The Nagasaki cake is baked at a low temperature for a long time, ensuring her unique flavor!

This Maruto Uji Matcha Bean Red Nagasaki Cake is used in Jingdong Capital Uji Matcha. The whole piece of soft cake is decorated with Hokkaido red beans. The taste is dense and firm. The matcha taste is bitter and mellow. Matched with soft waxy red beans , the sweetness is moderate. Just right.

Nagasaki cake, also called Castella (castella). Castella is a “nanban fruit” brought to Japan by Portuguese missionaries in the 16th century. At that time, Nagasaki was the first port to contact western culture. This soft and delicious foreign fruit quickly became popular in the local area and became a specialty of Nagasaki. In fact, Castella is not the name of a kind of cake, because the Portuguese called it “Pao de Castele” when they passed it to Nagasaki (the bread of Castile, which was the ancient kingdom of Spain in the Middle Ages), So Nagasaki people call it Castella, and it has been used today.


Product Warnings:
This product contains Foods made mainly from wheat flour, sugar, egg white, shortening, margarine, cocoa butter, milk, etc., whole milk powder, vegetable oil, lactose, milk, skim milk powder, emulsifier (derived from soybean), swelling agent, fragrance, peppermint oil, oxidation Inhibitors (VE), seasonings (amino acids, etc.), coloring agents (carotene) products.

Ingredients: Foods made mainly from eggs, sugar, flour, vegetable oil and fat, sweetened condensed milk, matcha, red beans, isomerized liquid sugar, liqueur, sorbitol, emulsifier, gardenia yellow pigment, eggshell calcium, flavor, egg , Wheat, milk ingredients, soybean parts (raw materials).

Note: Do not eat the alcohol powder in the small bag for preservation!ย The marked shelf life refers to the shelf life in the unopened state.ย Please keep in the refrigerator after opening, please consume within 2 days.

Mode Storage:
Use in a dry, cool and dark place out of the light.

Please refer to the package instructions for product details.
The pictures are for reference only, and everything in kind shall prevail.


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โ— energy: 387Kcal
โ— protein: 5.8 g
โ— Fat: 16.8 g
โ— carbohydrate: 53.2 g
โ— salt Equivalent amount: 78mg

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