Myojo Ippeichan Mentaiko Mayo Yakisoba

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It is a fried noodle with a rich and rich finish that is full of the spicy taste of mentaiko.ย We added the taste of mentaiko itself to the special mentaiko mayonnaise to make it more addictive.

Product of:JAPAN
Ingredients: Fried noodles (wheat flour (domestic production), vegetable fats and oils, salt), sauces (semi-solid dressing, soy sauce, sugar, pork fat, salt, pork extract, protein hydrolyzate, fish sauce, flavor oil, seafood extract, flavor Seasonings (spices, spices), sardines (cabets), sprinkles (processed tarako, paste, spices) / seasonings (amino acids, etc.), calcium carbonate, sake spirits, kansui, thickeners (processed starch, xanthan gum), emulsifiers, acidity Additives, carotinoid pigments, benikoji pigments, flavors, antioxidants (vitamin E), spice extracts, caramel pigments, magnesium carbonate, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, (partly eggs, milk components, wheat, shrimp, crab … Including squid, spice, mackerel, soybeans, and pork).

Allergen information
The raw materials for this product are shown in the table below. โ– Contains allergens painted with . You can use the allergen search to search for products that contain or do not contain allergens .

wheat, egg,ย  pork, Soybeans, Chicken, Soy, Sesame,

โ€ปThis product manufacturing facility produces products containing crabs. The raw material, sea lettuce, is collected by a fishing method that mixes shrimp and crab.
ใƒปAllergen information is posted for 7 items of specified raw materials required by food labeling standards.

Mode Storage:
Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store in a cool place below 28 ยฐ C.

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Per Serving
Energy: 575kcal
Protein: 11.3g
Fat: 25.7g
Carbohydrates: 74.7g
Salt equivalent: 5.5g
Vitamin B1 0.27mg
Vitamin B2 0.35mg
calcium 150mg


*ย The raw material names and nutritional information of this product posted on the website are based on food labeling standards, so they may differ from the contents described on the product package.ย Please check the label on your product package before purchasing or consuming.

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Weight 180 g
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 6 cm
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